Sonetik is an ISO-certified Swiss manufacturer of audiometers, hearing aids and related accessories whose preprogrammed hearing aids are offered for a trial and for purchase at places to which hearing impaired people have always turned to with health questions: pharmacies, chemist’s shops, medical supplies stores and opticians. The company, which was founded in 2007 by a team of entrepreneurs with extensive hearing aid experience, pursues the objective of helping customers to rediscover hearing in less than an hour. With its high-quality hearing aids at astonishingly low prices Sonetik is expanding all the time and is active in various countries in the world.

What can a Sonetik hearing aid do?

Sonetik hearing aids are high quality, digital medical devices from Switzerland. The processor's computing speed of more than 2.5 million calculations per second suppresses feedback before the hearing aid wearer is even able to detect it. Two directional microphones enhance speech and reliably reduce annoying background noise. Various program levels make it possible to cope easily even in difficult hearing situations. Sonetik hearing aids are surprisingly small and are worn discreetly behind the ear.

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