Rediscover Hearing in less than one hour

It’s never been so easy.  Your pharmacy, chemist’s or another Sonetik partner assesses your hearing in a fully automated process. Should it be established that you have a hearing loss, your hearing loss is compared on a scientifically proven basis with various amplification profiles available with the Sonetik hearing aid. If a Sonetik hearing aid matches your hearing loss, the Sonetik specialist prepares the virtually invisible quality hearing aid for your ear and places it in your ear to try – all in less than one hour. That way, you hear properly again as quickly, easily and effortlessly as if you were buying reading glasses.

Sonetik – the reading glasses for your ears.

The Sonetik principle – «Rediscover Hearing in less than one hour»
Your three-step path to a quality digital hearing
Sonetik hearing aids are little marvels of modern technology 
Our business is based on customer satisfaction


Where to find Sonetik

Find your nearest Sonetik specialist here.

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Swiss quality

Sonetik hearing aids incorporate leading edge Swiss technology.

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