Simply go to your local pharmacy

Health means life, and that includes your hearing as well. That’s why it seems only logical to us that you can find our products where you go for health-related matters – to the pharmacy, the chemist’s, to the opticians or to selected ENT doctors as well. The Sonetik specialists trained by us are available at any time to carry out a hearing test with you, to prepare Sonetik hearing aids for you to wear if required and to explain to you how to set up, wear and care for your hearing aid properly. And if you require environmentally friendly batteries, a new sound tube or an earpiece, just contact your Sonetik specialist.

Where can I have a hearing test and buy Sonetik hearing aids?

What can a Sonetik hearing aid do?

Sonetik hearing aids are high quality, digital medical devices from Switzerland. The processor's computing speed of more than 2.5 million calculations per second suppresses feedback before the hearing aid wearer is even able to detect it. Two directional microphones enhance speech and reliably reduce annoying background noise. Various program levels make it possible to cope easily even in difficult hearing situations. Sonetik hearing aids are surprisingly small and are worn discreetly behind the ear.

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Where to find Sonetik

Find your nearest Sonetik specialist here.

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