Massive market potential

15-20% of the population in western industrialised countries are struggling with hearing problems that could be solved with hearing aids. Many of these people suffer from what is known as mild-moderate age-related hearing loss.

The traditional way cannot make the most of the potential

But about 95% of those affected by mild-moderate age-related hearing loss do not wear a hearing aid. Many of those people who are affected do not take the trouble to start what is often a time-consuming selection process. Often they do not know what investigations are actually needed to choose the right hearing aid. Also, many of those affected are put off by what are often exorbitant prices.

The future belongs to alternative providers

In the future, therefore, providers and points-of-sale will profit which enable those affected to obtain a quality hearing aid easily, quickly and conveniently.

Obvious business opportunity
Different target groups and different approaches
Future market development
How Sonetik helps you realize the business potential?


Lucrative additional business

With Sonetik hearing aids, pharmacists, chemists, opticians and other partners can build up a profitable additional business within a very short time.

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