An aging population and environmental noise

According to estimates, increasing life expectancy and ever-increasing environmental noise will result in a considerable increase in age-related hearing loss. As stigmatisation of hearing loss patients is decreasing and the acceptance of hearing aids is increasing, experts expect that in the coming years there will be a massive increase in sales of hearing aids.

«Loss of the middle»: Either top-premium or low-cost

Experts in the sector believe that on the customer side in the coming years there will be a phenomenon that is already known in other sectors by the term «loss of the middle». This means that customers opt either for hearing aids that offer them a lot of features and whose sale remains in the hands of specialists, or for hearing aids bought over-the-counter that are of equal quality, but are very much simpler, less complex and therefore less costly.

Profit from OTC growth

With its concept of «Reading glasses for your ears» and its four preprogrammed hearing aids Sonetik positions itself in the market with a simple, quick and convenient solution to hearing problems. Businesses that have good access to the target group of 60 to 80-year-olds are therefore suitable places for the selling of standardised hearing aids over-the-counter: This applies to pharmacies, chemist’s shops, medical supplies stores and also opticians. Anyone who would like to profit from this growth potential should therefore become a Sonetik partner at an early stage.

How Sonetik helps you realize the business potential?
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With Sonetik's preprogrammed hearing aids, getting into the hearing aid business couldn't be simpler.

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