Helping the hearing impaired to better hearing in less than one hour

Sonetik and its partners enable people with age-related hearing loss to rediscover hearing simply, quickly and conveniently. If you have a customer base that has confidence in you when it comes to health matters and you would like to be seen as a health specialist, the Sonetik concept suits you ideally.

Sonetik contributes to your success in different ways, through...

... new business with hearing aids
... the sale of hearing aid accessories such as batteries or consumables
... the building up of the image as an innovative health specialist
... motivation and enjoyment in the consultation process among your staff
... as a continuous “traffic generator” for your business

How do I get into business with Sonetik?
What Sonetik offers its partners?
How can I become a Sonetik partner?

Become a Sonetik partner

This is not only a way for you to help your customers to rediscover hearing, but also for you to develop a new area of business quickly and easily.

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«I'd never have guessed»

Find out here how a Swiss chemist went from sceptic to successful Sonetik partner. 

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